Mending stone may seem difficult. So can embracing our lives in new and creative ways when “traditional” approaches might seem more reliable.

I’m a bit quirky. And I’m often led to follow intuition in odd directions. I’m filled with wonder and awe. I no longer ask “why” I‘m led one way or another. Or why I seem to see things just a bit different than I thought I might. I trust discovery is just ahead. And I’m filled with wonder! The creative in All of us conspires to bring us happiness and fulfillment! Possibility exists in all things.

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Back in 1995, I had a strange dream of two women I couldn’t get out of my mind! I thought if I started writing, they’d “feel” their story was heard. Little did I know I was embarking on a journey of the heart taking me to the present! After many twists and turns: changing jobs, launching kids into adulthood, wrestling with health challenges, finally the “story” evolved into a published novel Mending Stone!

Two followup novels are out and another is on the way, as well as a compilation of all four!

Here’s some coverage from my hometown newspaper: The Dalles Chronicle article

Sharon Duerst – Heeding the Call of the Muse

“Mending Stone” Trailer

Book trailer images are based on the original Mending Stone cover published in 2011 by Henschel Haus Publishing.

Sharon Duerst, Author
Sharon Duerst, Author

Possibility Series Books:

Catching Rain

Seeding Hope

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A recent comment by Karen Martell, “I finally got a chance to read Seeding Hope! It made me so happy, once again you did an awesome job keeping with the possibility theme!! Please continue this series! I love it and its spirituality!! Cheers to another masterpiece!! I loved it… So encouraging!!!” 

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