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  • I didn’t plan to write novels. I only had a strange dream I needed to understand, so I started writing. And characters appeared, showing me the stories I put on paper, literally! With pens and pencils and bits of paper, I wrote and wrote and wrote, then taped the pages together in an accordion of story. It was a very long process! What an adventure! Story took me from the Northwest, to Texas, and deep into Mexico! I had no idea what would happen!
  • Mia’s journey will surprise you! Will she find herself, the love she longs for, and the spirit she has been missing? Will you find a piece of yourself on these pages? Read these and review these books and help launch me onto the next adventure!

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    Mending Stone, Catching Rain, Seeding Hope, Blossoming Dream-the Possibility SeriesClick on The Dalles Chronicle article link below for early coverage of how I was inspired to write Mending Stone, the first book in this series:

    Sharon Duerst – Heeding the Call of the Muse

    The Mending Stone book trailer images are based on the first edition of Mending Stone published by Henschel Haus Publishing. That cover is out of print, but a few collectible copies might be available from the author. Leave a message if interested.

    Click on the below link “Mending Stone Trailer” for the YouTube video book trailer:

    “Mending Stone” Trailer

    Possibility Series novels:

    Mending Stone, a Possibility Series novelBack Cover Mending Stone

    Catching Rain, book 2 in the Possibility Series Back Cover Catching Rain

    Seeding Hope, book 3 in the Possibility Series Back Cover Seeding Hope

    Blossoming Dream, book 4 in the Possibility Series Back Cover Blossoming Dream

    Learn more ~

    amazon author sharon duerst

    goodreads author Sharon Duerst

    Some places to buy the books include ~

    Klindt’s Booksellers

    amazon.com sharon kay duerst

    barnesandnoble sharon duerst

    booksamillion sharon duerst

    Pinterest board photos about the books~

    pinterest sharon duerst mending stone a novel

    pinterest sharon duerst catching rain a novel

    pinterest sharonduerst seeding hope a novel

    Your reviews make all the difference! I’d be so thankful if you share your ratings of these books~Goodreads, Amazon, BookBub, Facebook, IndieBound, or other sites! If you’d love special pricing for your book club group purchase, contact me in comments below:


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