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  • Mending Stone, Catching Rain, Seeding Hope, Blossoming Dream-the Possibility Series

    Here’s early coverage from my hometown newspaper: The Dalles Chronicle

    Sharon Duerst – Heeding the Call of the Muse

    The Mending Stone book trailer images are based on the first cover of Mending Stone which was published in 2011 by Henschel Haus Publishing. Click on the link below to see the YouTube video which was so much fun to do thanks to my awesome son, Joseph J. Duerst, a college media major now attorney, and narrator/writer/friend, Maggie Annschild.

    “Mending Stone” Trailer

    Sharon Duerst, Author
    Sharon Duerst, Author

    My Possibility Series novels:

    Mending Stone, a Possibility Series novel

    Catching Rain, book 2 in the Possibility Series

    Seeding Hope, book 3 in the Possibility Series

    Blossoming Dream, book 4 in the Possibility Series

    Read more about the books on the following sites ~

    amazon author sharon duerst

    goodreads author Sharon Duerst

    Buy the books on these sites ~ Or order them at bookstores, especially Klindt’s Booksellers featured in the stories!

    Klindt’s Booksellers

    amazon.com sharon kay duerst

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    booksamillion sharon duerst

    Visit my Pinterest boards for inspirational photos related to the books~

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    Thank you for reading! I’d love to hear your comments about my books and blog posts ~

    A recent comment by a reader, Karen Martell, “I finally got a chance to read Seeding Hope! It made me so happy, once again you did an awesome job keeping with the possibility theme!! Please continue this series! I love it and its spirituality!! Cheers to another masterpiece!! I loved it… So encouraging!!!” 


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